Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Markets-price supply/demand during relative strength trading
Trends: in hi/lo channels, lower/lower highs, higher/higher lows
Trading: daily, move/momentum+activity+prevailing strength
Targets: projected price objectives of both moves and trend
CORN  - 25 cent daily limit
Positions-net change: users-divested short/investors-invested short
Trends: prices/down+open interest/down+volume/high+supply/up
Trading: flat/decelerated+offset+support below 373 at mid trend  
Targets: 419-392-382-373-359-347          =LESS BEARISH
SOYBEANS - 70 cent daily limit
Positions-net change: users-divested long/investors-divested short
Trends: prices/down+open interest/flat+volume/high+supply/
Trading:  up/accelerated+net selling+resistance at mid channel trend
Targets: 1087-1014-985-959-917-883                  =BEARISH
WHEAT - 35 cent daily limit
Positions-net change: users-divested short/investors-invested short
Trends: prices/down+open interest/flat+vol/moderate+supply/(=)
Trading: down/decelerated+offset buying+breakthrough of support not confirmed
Targets: 677-606-598-558-553-511-478               =TEST OF BEARISH
CANADIAN DOLLAR - 4.00 dollar daily limit
Positions-net change: users-invested short/investors-invested long
Trends: prices/up+open interest/flat+volume/moderate
Trading: up/decelerated-buying+confirmed through high of down channel
Targets: 7781-8049-8250-8406-8719-9031           =BULLISH  
HEATING OIL - 25 cent daily limit
Positions-net change: users-divested long/investors-divested short
Trends: prices/down+open interest/flat+volume/low
Trading: flat/accelerated+offset+at resistance of last two highs
Targets: 307-264-247-232-207-186-156               =TEST OF BEARISH

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